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End of the year, I have some spare time and long winter evenings, let’s do this.

  • Dropping Drupal in favor of static page engine Jekyll, no more database, yay!

  • Now creating a new page is done by editing text page in Markdown syntax (HTML is actually text, so it makes sense, isn’t it ?), then executing

bundle exec jekyll build

This feels almost like the magic FreeBSD’s make buildworld && make buildkernel, cool :)

  • Migrating webpages (easy, copy & paste)

More updates..

In addition, because it was waiting on the ToDo list for some time, I also decided to do the following:

  1. Migrating NTP server from NTPd to OpenNTPd (yes, it works with ntp pool, status page here)

  2. Migrating SMTP from Sendmail to OpenSMTPd (lost milter filtering with Mimedefang, but it’s ok, spamd with PF are doing good job)

  3. Migrating DNS from BIND to Unbound/NSD (installed from ports, Unbound as caching resolver, uplinked to dnscrypt-proxy, and NSD as authoritative server)

  4. DNSSEC signing domain (opendnssec works really well, just remember to keep the same TSIG key names)

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